Resize cropped Sarita Uhr 1400x1050 WelcomeMy name is Dr. Sarita Uhr and I am a psychiatrist in Dallas,

Texas who treats anxiety, depression, adult ADD, and addiction. 

Do you want to get back on track in your life, but don’t know?

Read on…


When someone first comes to my office, I ask, “What is the main reason you’re here?”

Here is what they say:

“My life feels out of control”
“I’m overwhelmed”
“I can’t sleep”
“I’m just going through the motions”
“I’m uptight”
“Everything is an effort”
“I can’t stay away from alcohol”
“I‘m worried my daughter is on drugs”
“I’m not comfortable in my own skin”
“I don’t feel like being around any one”
“I’m not enjoying my kids”
“I’m not feeling like myself”
“I can’t focus”
“I can’t make decisions”

Do you wish you could …

Feel passionate about your life and enthusiastic about your day? Feel confident and empowered? Feel a sense of fulfillment at home and at work? Feel loved and valued by your family and friends? Feel productive in your daily responsibilities? Feel free of anxiety and back in control of your life?

I will help you get back on track!

I respect where you are in your life. I respect the obstacles you face. I sincerely care about your well-being. I also know that mental wellness is just as important as physical fitness. I want to give you the tools to achieve this. I will help identify what the problems are and present you with options to resolve them.

I treat professionals (e.g. doctors, lawyers, business executives) and their family members for stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction. People come to see me when they are having difficulties with worry, sleep, keeping up with daily responsibilities, concentration, irritability, sadness, and/or using crutches such as alcohol or painkillers to get through the day.

My twenty years of clinical experience in combination with my psychiatry training at Stanford University School of Medicine, including a fellowship in psychopharmacology, have led me to an approach that is effective for developing a treatment plan for my patients.

The “Uhr method”:

  • A comprehensive and thorough evaluation
  • Education about your diagnosis
  • An explanation of your treatment options
  • Careful monitoring of your medications
  • Assessment of your psychotherapy needs
  • An emphasis on lifestyle changes and stress reduction

I am a “life consultant” who can help you get back in control of your life.

Click here to see some cases that I have helped recently.

Dr. Sarita Uhr (psychiatrist in private practice in Dallas, Texas)
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