Dr. Sarita Uhr offers the following services:

Evaluation – 60 minute evaluation. The evaluation covers the following :

  • What symptoms are you currently experiencing (ex. anxiety, depression, insomnia)?
  • What symptoms have you experienced in the past?
  • What medications have you or have not responded to?
  • What is the state of your physical health?
  • Who in your family has mental health issues?
  • What are the stresses in your life?
  • How much alcohol do you drink?
  • Have you had a period of heavy drinking in the past?
  • Are you using illicit drugs such as marijuana or cocaine?

My goal is to make a judgment, based on your history, which medication or combination of medications will most likely reduce or eliminate your symptoms. I also suggest the addition of therapy, relaxation techniques, or life style changes to maximize your chance of leading a happy and healthy life. In other words, take steps toward prevention in order to achieve mental wellness.

Medication Management – 15 minute visits. The purpose is to:

  • Assess side effects
  • Assess which symptoms have improved
  • Assess which symptoms remain
  • Make medication  dosage adjustments
  • Add or eliminate medication
  • Assess stress level
  • Discuss ways to lower stress

Psychotherapy – 30 minute visits. The purpose is to:

  • Determine how your family of origin influences you
  • Determine how you get nurturing and support
  • Deal with self esteem issues
  • Improve your ability to set boundaries with family and friends
  • Improve your positive thinking
  • Improve coping skills
  • Be supportive and encouraging

Consultation (e.g. second opinion)- 60 minute evaluation. The psychiatric evaluation is the same as I listed above.

The purpose is to give you my assessment of your current treatment. At the end of your evaluation, I discuss a detailed treatment plan with you. I am happy to discuss the plan, with your written permission, with any other current professional involved in your care.

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(Note: Payment is due at the time of the appointment and the client receives a bill which they can file with their insurance company. Dr. Uhr is not on any of the PPO or HMO lists.)

Dr. Sarita Uhr
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