From Professionals Who Refer

Many of my clients come to see me because they are suffering from anxiety and depression. Many of these clients have gone to other psychiatrists for years to no avail. I have been amazed at the nearly miraculous improvement they have made after being treated by Dr. Uhr.

I refer clients to Dr. Uhr because she has exceptional medical skills and training. She treats each client as an individual and thinks outside the box regarding their medical evaluation and choice of pharmaceutical remedy.

My clients find her to be a warm person and someone they can easily talk to. I also appreciate that she takes the time to communicate with me regarding the patients progress.

Bonnie Stein

M.Ed, LPC, Dallas, Texas

My clients have substance abuse issues, ranging from alcohol abuse to opiate dependence. Their medication management is often more complicated because of this issue.

Sarita Uhr has consistently provided excellent care for the individuals I refer. The feedback I receive is that my clients are carefully listened to, that their personal history is a major focus of the treatment plan, and that they are treated in an utmost professional manner.

I think there are two major reasons I refer many people to Sarita Uhr. First, they are really cared for and cared about. They feel Sarita’s  concern for them. Second, her knowledge of medicines appears to be nothing less than exceptional. Time after time I have seen the pharmaceutical approach employed by her, work wonders.

Ken Osean

M.Ed., Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC), Certified Employee Assistant Professional (CEAP), Dallas, Texas

I have known Dr. Uhr for over 20 years since she was a psychiatry resident and psychopharmacology student at Stanford, and where we did research and  published papers together. Over the years, I have followed her career with great interest. Dr. Uhr has extensive experience in a variety of mental health settings and is considered a first rate clinician with a subspecialty expertise in psychopharmacology. She has a unique style that touches the lives of her patients by using her ability to listen and empathize and then implement a treatment plan that relieves symptoms and puts her patients on the road to recovery. I consider Dr. Uhr to be in the top 5% of psychiatrists I know.

Stephen M. Stahl, M.D., Ph. D.

Author of Essential Psychopharmacology: Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Applications Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California at San Diego, San Diego, CA

In a field of uncertainty and guesswork, Dr. Uhr provides great clarity. Dr. Uhr has not only a deep understanding of psychiatry and family systems, but moreover, a compassion for others rarely seen in the field. We consider Dr. Uhr a primary resource for our work with underperforming families and individuals.

James Olan Hutcheson

Founder of ReGENERATION Partners

I am very pleased to have worked with Dr. Uhr in the past several years. I have found Dr. Uhr to  be very comprehensive in her evaluations, very responsive to her patient’s needs, and very communicative with me as a professional. Her medication management has been a very essential part of my client’s progress. She has a very caring presence. Her no nonsense approach to the medications has made it easy for my patients to use medication  as an adjunct to their therapy process. I am very happy to have a psychiatrist whom I can refer to with such confidence. She is a rare find.

Nancy Glass

Ph.D., L.P.C., Dallas, Texas


From Patients

Before meeting Dr. Uhr, anxiety had taken over my life to the point that I could barely function in daily life. Dr. Uhr has given me the tools to control my anxiety and reclaim my life. Her compassionate and insightful counsel has helped me to gain confidence in myself again.


Dallas, Texas

I was first diagnosed as clinically depressed in 1995. Over the next four years, I saw a parade of psychiatrists and was prescribed a variety of different drugs, yet my life was not getting any better. I was emotionally numb and physically lethargic to the point that suicide actually seemed like a reasonable alternative.

Thankfully, my family intervened and insisted that I see Dr. Uhr. She began by cutting my multiple prescriptions down to two. Over the years, she has found the medications that work best for me. I then began regular counseling which focused less on the problems of the past than on living in the present and looking forward to the future. If I were to fully describe my transformation over the next few years it would probably sound preposterous. I can hardly believe it myself. Looking back now, the truism “the past is a foreign country…” comes to mind.

I continue to see Dr. Uhr. In addition to monitoring my medications, she has become my life coach.  I cannot recommend her enough


McKinney, Texas

Before I met Dr. Uhr, I was really depressed. I had cut my wrists one night when I had been drinking. I also had no energy and would blow up at my family on a regular basis. I was already on an antidepressant. My doctor wouldn’t listen to me.

Now I see Dr. Uhr and am the best I have ever been …why?  She listens to me about how the medications affect me. She has switched the medications several times until we found the ones that work the best for me. I cannot say how amazing I think Dr. Uhr is!  She cares about her patients.

I am fifty-six years old and have been on antidepressant medication for a good part of my life. I now feel great. I have plenty of energy and get things done. I get along better with my family. I am one happy medication perfect person.


Dallas, Texas

Depression doesn’t only hurt, it is emotionally and psychologically devastating.  Medication is essential, but you also have to do the work of recovery.  Dr. Uhr’s guidance and support in therapy has enabled me to set rules and boundaries in my life. This has empowered me to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life. Therapy with Dr. Uhr has made a night and day difference. Dr. Uhr is the best!


Wiley, Texas

I have been a patient of Dr. Sarita Uhr’s for many years. She started my therapy by weaning me off valium which I had been addicted to. I  had had a problem with alcohol years before. Then she dealt with my chronic depression with medication and counseling. Her counseling helped to resolve family problems. She also coached me on relationship issues. She continued to adjust my medications for depression as well as administering and closely monitoring my pain medications after a serious plane crash. She made sure I didn’t get addicted to painkillers or any other substances which would have been easy to do given my past addictions. She even visited me in the hospital!

I have continued to work with Dr. Uhr because of her intellect, her broad patient experience, and her knowledge of psychiatry and counseling. She truly cares  about my progress. I know this caring spreads to her other clients as well. I am grateful for all of her help.


Edgewood, Texas

 I consulted Dr Uhr when a diagnosis of Stage lV cancer plunged me into severe depression and anxiety, to the point I was not able to function in my daily life. In addition, I had not slept more than 3 hours per night for 4 months and was suffering significant sleep deprivation. Dr. Uhr changed my sleep medication, anti-depressant, and anxiety medication. After a rough three weeks of withdrawal from my original medications, the new ones kicked in and brought me great relief. I have moved from wanting to stay in bed all day to resuming my active, involved life, engaging fully with family and friends. They are thrilled to have me back, and I am extremely grateful to feel myself again.


Dallas, Texas

I have suffered from depression, dysthymia, and anxiety since I was about ten, although of course, I didn’t know what it was. I was first successfully treated with Prozac right after it came out in the late 80’s. It worked well for many years, but began to have less effect over time. I was prescribed many medicines and put on multiple combinations by a couple of different doctors until I knew I was  not on the right path.

After seeing Dr. Uhr, she quickly recognized that I was overmedicated and needed a new approach. She worked with me to eliminate most of the medications I was on and put me on a new one I have never taken. Within a very short time, I was 100% improved and only taking one drug instead of the combinations which were not working. Reducing the number of drugs was for me a victory in itself and taking only the minimum of the right drug was remarkable. Dr. Uhr has a rare combination of knowledge, experience, insight, and caring to help you find your way. I highly recommend her!


Allen, Texas

I have suffered from anxiety most of my life, and unfortunately until it started to affect my marriage, I did not seek help. I always thought I could manage my behavior and actions without help and without medicine, but that is not the case. After extensive research to find the right doctor, I found Dr. Uhr’s website. Her experience, knowledge base, and well written articles are the main factors I chose her as a  psychiatrist.

Upon our first meeting, I was nervous and apprehensive about what to expect; however, I felt extremely comfortable the minute I walked into her office. Dr. Uhr’s ability to connect with her clients and take the time to understand their situation and needs, is great. She genuinely cares about my progress and had recently taken time to meet with my husband to help him better understand my anxiety.

During our first consultation, Dr. Uhr said, “2011 is going to be a great year for you. You are going to feel like a whole new person.” Well, she is right. With her guidance, counseling, and close monitoring of my medicine, I do feel like a whole new person. The sense of happiness I feel from not being trapped by anxiety cannot be put into words and I am incredibly grateful for her help.


Dallas, Texas

I came to Dr. Uhr with problems sleeping and adapting to time zone changes due to overseas business travel. I had a combination of jet lag, insomnia, anxiety, and a need to be very alert the next day to be effective at work.

After several months of office visits and discussions, Dr. Uhr and I found a regimen that turned out to be a complete success!  Dr. Uhr always seems to start with natural solutions first, but her knowledge of psychiatric medications is very impressive.

Dr. Uhr will take time to get to know you and your situation. I recommend Dr. Uhr to anyone who wants to avoid the “cookie-cutter psychiatrist” and wants a doctor who is willing to deal with complex issues.

Adam R.

Dallas, Texas

My 18 year-old daughter has always had self-esteem issues and suffered from depression on and off in middle school. As she got older, her moods seemed to get worse and we could hardly communicate with her.

She began making some bad choices and ended up suffering severe consequences for these choices. This only made things worse. I knew she needed help; someone to talk with honestly and openly that would listen without judgment and help her make better chioices. We also felt she needed someone experienced with anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication. Dr. Uhr does all of this.

My daughter has been seeing Dr. Uhr for just 2 months and the difference is incredible! My daughter is happy again and is now goal driven. She is making good choices and avoiding being anywhere that would put her in a bad situation . She is a joy to be around. 

For the first time ever, we are communicating with each other like 2 adults and she is getting along better with every one in the family. If you or someone you know is in need of help for depression or anxiety, I highly recommend Dr. Uhr. She has made a big difference in our family’s lives and can do the same for you!


Dallas, Texas

During the spring of last year, I frantically searched for a doctor, a rehab, anyone that could help my son.  He started abusing drugs (Xanax, Adderall, and pain pills) that were prescribed to help him.  This wasn’t the first time it had happened.  There seemed to be a recurring pattern, and it needed to stop.  He didn’t have a job and his self -esteem was low. Miraculously enough, I found Dr. Uhr’s website.  I called her immediately and made an appointment for my son.

 Within a short period of time, he was back on track.  She called to inform me of steps I needed to take to ensure my son’s success.  He is is now off all addicting medication. He has a great job that he is handling without abusing drugs. He continues to see Dr. Uhr for therapy and medication management.

Now, my son is on the right track and our family couldn’t be happier.  It’s been a long uphill battle, but with Dr. Uhr’s help, our confidence and hope for the future has been restored. Thank you, Dr. Uhr, for all you have done.


Dallas, Texas

I was depressed .

I was so very tired.
Tired of doctors that didn’t really care.
Tired of completing standardized questionnaires.
Tired of getting my hopes up about a new medicine that ultimately wouldn’t work.
Tired of doing my own research trying to treat myself.

Then, I met Dr. Uhr.  On the very first visit, she spent a full hour with me.  Asking questions specific to me, listening to my answers, writing down notes. Six pages to be exact! She obviously cared and was gathering unique information from me.

Based upon the responses I gave, Dr. Uhr was able to give me a clear diagnosis and plan of action by the end of the first appointment.  Again, my hopes were high, but I was still fearful that ultimately, the prescribed medication wouldn’t be the solution I was desperately seeking. I expressed these feelings to Dr. Uhr and for the first time a doctor told me, “I will not give up on you.  Your depression is a puzzle, one that I am challenged to solve.”  At that, I knew she was the doctor I had been praying for.

As feared, the first attempt at medication didn’t work; however, Dr. Uhr was true to her word.  She was committed to finding a medication, or combination of medications, that would treat my depression.  Low and behold by the third medication attempt, I felt awake.  Not “just woke up” awake, but “alive” awake.

For the first time, in as long as I can remember, I wasn’t living for my next nap.  Life is good!  

I was so depressed, I didn’t know how depressed I really was. You know the commercial where the depressed person sees everything in gray?  That was me. Now, I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, seeing color in life for the very first time. Today, I rarely nap. I enjoy time laughing and playing with my family and look forward to many activities with friends. Even the piles of “stuff” around the house, that I neglected for years, are almost gone.

I can’t say, “I have my life back”, because I truly never had one.  That is Dr. Uhr’s gift to me – A VIBRANT LIFE – and I am eternally grateful!  It is my prayer that through this testimony, you will find Dr. Uhr to be the solution that you are so desperately looking for.

Amy P.

Dallas, Texas

Before I saw Dr. Uhr, I was disorganized and had difficulty finishing tasks. I wrote it off to being ‘creative’. However, I had a strong desire to be successful and make a good living, but my lack of focus held me back.

Dr. Uhr diagnosed me with Attention Deficit Disorder and tried me on several medications. She carefully adjusted the dose. With the medication regimen I am on, my life has turned around 180 degrees.

Within a few months of being on the right medication, the company where I was doing contract work offered me a permanent position! My boyfriend, who had previously worried about my ability to contribute, asked me to marry him. To top it off, I just got awarded employee of the month!  

I couldn’t be happier with how things are going. Thanks Dr. Uhr!

Jennifer P.

Dallas, Texas

Before I saw Dr. Uhr, I was disorganized and had difficulty finishing tasks. I wrote it off to being ‘creative’. However, I had a strong desire to be successful and make a good living, but my lack of focus held me back.

Dr. Uhr diagnosed me with Attention Deficit Disorder and tried me on several medications. She carefully adjusted the dose. With the medication regimen I am on, my life has turned around 180 degrees.

Within a few months of being on the right medication, the company where I was doing contract work offered me a permanent position! My boyfriend, who had previously worried about my ability to contribute, asked me to marry him. To top it off, I just got awarded employee of the month!  

I couldn’t be happier with how things are going. Thanks Dr. Uhr!


Dallas, Texas

Before I met Dr. Uhr, I was near the end of my rope. I had severe anxiety. My world was gradually becoming smaller and smaller over time that it reached a point where I did not believe I could go on with life. On the outside everything looked good. A physician with steady job, wife and children. But beneath the surface everything was in shambles. I was about to lose my family, quit my job and risk suicide. I was drinking heavily to cope and also became addicted to benzodiazepenes (Klonopin)..a lethal combination. Then I started seeing Dr. Uhr.

She diagnosed me with severe anxiety disorder with obsessive features. She started me on a drug regimen that I stuck with. She said for the medicine to work effectively I had to stop drinking. At first, things got worse during the medicine adjustment, then over time things SLOWLY improved. It did not happen overnight…you have to be patient with the medications.

I  would say after about 6 -9 months I noticed drastic changes in the way my mind was approaching life. It was almost as if I had a brain transplant. I was able to endure weaning off the Klonopin.  Things that used to cause me severe anxiety were no longer bothering  me. Nothing short of a miracle. Today I am living a fulfilling life far beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you Dr. Uhr for giving me my life back!!