Dr. Sarita Uhr

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San Diego

Helping You Live Your Best Life

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Dr. Sarita Uhr - Life Coach

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Sarita Uhr, M.D. has had thirty years of experience in her psychiatric practice guiding people through life's tough transitions.

If you want to make a major life change, she will help guide you to live your best life.

  • Are you a medical student or resident questioning your career choice?
  • Are you wondering if you even want to treat patients?
  • Are you having trouble picking which specialty is right for you?
  • Maybe you’re already a doctor contemplating leaving clinical medicine.
  • As your life coach, Sarita Uhr can help you discern what choices are right for you.
  • She has worked with many doctors and medical students over the years.
  • As a doctor herself, she understands the high stakes and tough choices facing you.
  • She will collaborate with you to find a career that maximizes skills you have already developed.
  • Being in the right field of medicine should feel like a gift, not a life sentence.
  • As a mom, are you overwhelmed and frustrated with being chauffeur, maid, and master scheduler?
  • Do you feel in competition with other moms and feel like you fall short?
  • If you are a stay-at-home mom, do you wish you had something of your own separate from your husband and kids?
  • Are  you a working mom trying to balance your work and home life?
  • Are you a single or divorced mom having trouble with your new role?
  • Sarita Uhr loves working with all types of moms because a happy mom makes for happier families.
  • She raised her daughter as a single parent on top of a busy psychiatry practice. She gets it.
  • As your life coach, she can help you design a new road map for a more fulfilling and balanced life.
  • Are you an entrepreneur who has trouble prioritizing?
  • Is your workaholic style impacting your marriage and family?
  • Did you want to switch careers, but are afraid to take the plunge?
  • Have you lost confidence in your own judgment making business decisions?
  • Dr. Sarita Uhr has treated high profile doctors, lawyers, business leaders, and professional athletes in her practice.
  • These talented men and women have discussed the complexities of their work situations with her on a frequent basis.
  • Because of this extensive experience, she is in a unique position to help you line up your life values with your personal vision.
  • She will help you clarify the changes you want to make going forward and hold you accountable.

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Dr. Sarita Uhr

Helping You Live Your Best Life
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