Dr Sarita Uhr is a Stanford-trained psychiatrist who specializes in substance abuse. She is committed to helping pilots get into a strong recovery program.

Dr. Uhr is an FAA, HIMS certified psychiatrist in Dallas, Texas. She does formal exams for pilots that are struggling with addiction or depression. The FAA  requires this exam in order to get mental health clearance to return to flying.

The exam includes (but is not limited to) a review of medical records of any prior treatment for substance abuse, depression, review of lab work such as drug and alcohol tests, review of any arrest records, and a psychological evaluation by a HIMS certified psychologist who performs cognitive testing.

Dr. Uhr works with a HIMS certified psychologist locally who can perform this evaluation. Dr. Uhr needs the results of this exam before submitting her evaluation to the FAA, As part of  her formal evaluation, she will call the airline company pilot, the EAP, the pilot’s AA sponsor, and people close to the pilot in order to get feedback on how the pilot’s recovery program is progressing.

The HIMS program is for pilots in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse or for pilots on antidepressants.

The psychiatric and psychological evaluation, known as the P & P is then forwarded to the IMS (independent medical sponsor) or AME (Aviation Medical Examiner ) who then forwards it on to the FAA. The FAA determines re-certification for flight status.

Drug and alcohol monitoring is a very important part of the alcohol recovery program as well as active participation in a 12-step program (Alcoholics Anonymous). Twice a year monitoring is required for those pilots who are being treated with antidepressants.

Here is a link to the HIMS program which is an excellent program for pilots who want to overcome their addiction and gain their flight status back. The link also applies to those pilots being treated for depression.


The goal of the FAA HIMS program is both public safety and to help aviators that are working a good recovery program get back to flying.

If Dr. Uhr can be of any help, please contact her.