Coaching involves 30-45 minute phone sessions every week or two.

Dr. Uhr’s style is both supportive and motivating.

As your coach, Dr. Uhr will help put the “puzzle pieces” together.

To achieve the best results, coaching should take place on a consistent basis.

The frequency of coaching is tailored to your particular situation and timeframe.

Completing small assignments in between sessions will keep you moving forward.

Coaching is aimed at helping you clarify your goals.

(note: Dr. Uhr is no longer doing HIMS evaluations for pilots)


Dr. Uhr has developed a 3-phase proprietary system .

Her 3 interactive workbooks are very effective in helping you clarify your goals.

The system she has developed helps you decide if you want to modify your career or transition to a new career.

The workbooks are being offered for free for anyone who signs up for a bundle of 4 sessions.

The system can be purchased by itself as well.

If you are interested in signing up for a discounted introductory coaching session, please contact Dr. Uhr by clicking here.